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Instant ATM Deposit

Instant ATM Deposit
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Enjoy instant access to funds deposited through the ATM. Enjoy the convenience of instant accessibility so you can get on with your life!

Click Show Me How above for instructions.

A Quick Guide for Consumers on Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards

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Making a Deposit at a City National Bank Depository ATM.

1. Insert your City National Bank Visa Check Card or ATM Card.

2. Select language (English or Spanish)

3. Enter your PIN (personal identification number)

4. Select "Deposit"

5. Select Checking or Savings (Account to which deposit is to be made)

6. Enter Deposit Amount

7. Would you like a receipt? ( Yes or No)

8. An Envelope will be dispensed. Be sure checks are signed and place in envelope. (No need to include a deposit slip)

9. Place envelope back into envelope dispenser (green light will blink by opening)

10. Take your receipt.

You may withdraw money immediately as we make your deposit available immediately!

Depository ATMs:

  • 212 N Main, 305 Talbot, 3206 North Main (All in Taylor)
  • 1831 CR 137 in Hutto (The Golden Chick Restaurant South of Hutto High School) 217 W Commerce Street in Granger
  • 202 E Hwy 79 Thorndale, TX 76577

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