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Merchant Processing

Merchant Payment Processing

If you are a merchant and not processing payments under our new program, you should contact us right away. We will help you save money and increase your merchant protection at no extra cost! Signing up or converting over is easy. Or, contact our team for a no-obligation consulting analysis.

Our new program delivers:

  • State-of-the-art merchant payment solutions
  • Guaranteed competitive rates
  • No Annual fees, No cancellation fees
  • Anywhere/Anytime online access to account information
  • Free loyalty program
  • PCI Compliance together with BIZLock enhanced merchant protection program

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BIZLock ("Gold") Merchant Protection

BIZLock includes 15 layers of security to help you and your business stay in business. No one else in the industry, i) delivers the following valued benefits, AND ii) at no additional cost to you. Our new program delivers:

  • External PCI Scans and SAQ* (as required for all merchants)
  • PAN (Primary Account Number) Scans
  • POS Application Discovery Scanning
  • PC/Mac Internal Vulnerability Scans
  • Merchant Data Breach Insurance*
  • Unlimited Fraud Victim Resolution Services for Employees (<100 ee's)
  • Keystroke Encryption Software
  • Unlimited Access to Education and Loss Control eLearning Program
  • Written Information Security Policy (Template)
  • Written Data Breach Incident Response Plan (Template)
  • Family Identity Protection (CEO/Owner Family only)
  • Incident Response On-Demandâ„¢
  • Bonus Red-Flag Kit
  • SB Core Protector Upgrade Path and Discounts *(Option provided by ASV)

Start your savings and increased protection today. To speak to a representative/consultant, contact us today.