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Data Risk Protection

Data Risk Protection

We've selected Identity Fraud, Inc. ('IFI") to provide comprehensive and timely data theft risk management solutions to our business customers. All too frequently, businesses suffer from losing a laptop, a smart phone or being hacked, exposing sensitive customer information. The costs of a data breach are significant (estimated at over $200 per record according to the Ponemon Institute) and include breach response costs, liabilities and damage to the brand to name a few. Data breach protection is essential in today's electronic and mobile environment where data is quite accessible to thieves targeting large and small businesses.

Additionally, businesses are exposed to a new, growing scourge called Business Identity Fraud, whereby thieves target and steal business identifying information or "BII" and masquerade as the business wreaking havoc along the way.

Data risks are simply too vast to ignore. In addition to taking advantage of the best practices supported by CNBT, we encourage extra protection and diligence. The new IFI SB Core Protector program delivers:

  • Affordable pricing based on your employee size
  • Proactive Data Theft Risk Management Prevention Tools and Modules
  • Data Breach Liability Protection (50,000 up to $1MM limit)
  • Data Breach Incident Response Expense Coverage
  • Business Identity Protection ($50,000 limit)
  • Employee Identity Protection ($15,000 limit)
  • Incident Response On-Demand™
  • And, more…

Obtain affordable protection online, instantly. Simply visit https://biz.identityfraud.com/cnbt or contact a licensed IFI representative at 1-855-SBCore1.

SB Core Protector is provided exclusively by Identity Fraud, Inc., the licensed program administrator operating in all states. SB Core Protector is provided to qualifying firms having less than $10 million in annual revenue and less than 51 full-time equivalent employees. Larger firms may pursue options off-line. Protection is subject to specific terms, limitations and exclusions. All of the above information is provided as a summary only.